Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Writing and silkscreening your queer identity

Hey Invizinkers!

Workshop #4 is up this Tuesday December 15, 6-9pm at DefSup!

Who are your favorite queer writers? These are some of the books and voices that I (Susan) adore, that shaped the way I think about being queer. If you've got a favorite writer or story, bring in the book and pick a passage and we’ll read it, and let those voices inspire ours.

Or, bring in a piece you've been working on – no matter how unfinished — and we’ll do some workshopping!

We’ll be tapping into the topic of IDENTITY but anything goes so bring what you like (short poems, prose, songs, fiction, drawings, et all). Start pondering that one, and we’ll do some writing. And then we will pick some words and start silkscreening them. (Excited to learn how to do this!)

And yes to pizza !

See you Tuesday at the gallery.

Thursday, 3 December 2015



WorkShop #4

Invizinkers! Time for workshop 4! Tues Dec 15, 6-9pm
bring some shit you wrote, no matter how unfinished! we are lookin to tap into the topic of IDENTITY but anything goes so bring what you like. (short poems, prose, songs, fiction, drawings, et all)
I think we need pizza for this one. yes?

Part one: 
· Introduction to queer writing, we read you some killer examples!
· 10 to 15 min writing on a prompt, or workin on something you already have started
· Share it! everyone who would like to, shares what they wrote, or read part of what you are working on. *hand to lora or susan if u wanna b annonymous.
-How to crit and improve your work.

Part two: Silk Screened Patches yo! 
Lora teaches silkscreening
· We collectively decide which words or phrases stood out from the readings; choose a couple of phrases to create as silkscreened patches. Wear your words! : P

Part three: 20 min. to revisit earlier writing and begin reworking, maybe head towards a finished piece for the inVIzInk Zine.

Remember! January we want to see some writing and get going on making the zine...

**inVisible INk! For young LBGTTIQ writers & artists (ages 14-30)
This project is a free workshop series in writing and zine-making for LGBTQQ2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, queer, questioning and 2-spirited) youth in Tbay.